Newly opened Taipei Cultural & Creative Park secured by Telexper Megapixel Solution

Taipei Cultural & Creative Park Main Building secured by Telexper Megapixel Solution
A total of 211 2MP IP Dome Cameras and Full HD 1080P Speed Domes were positioned in and around the main building of Taipei Cultural & Creative Park and managed by 256ch Commander Station NVR, six 64ch Storage Systems, and client stations (LVC) for more efficient surveillance of the environment and the properties.

The park was a tobacco factory since early 1900’s, and it’s currently planned to be reconstructed as a cultural-commercial centre which contains gallery, exhibition space, cafe, restaurants, and bookstores.

Located in city centre, installing IP surveillance at the main building is definitely a great choice for the owner to secure the surrounding areas and make sure people-flow can be under controlled considering the crowdmass especially during weekends and holidays.

In order to improve overall security, Telexper was introduced to the top management of the building by several presentations and demos, and after getting the acceptance they required:
- Monitor vault, cashier counter areas in high resolution
- Recording time of 1 month
- Cameras with alarm input connected to emergency button
- Remote monitoring via IE browser, remote viewing software, and smart phone
The management wanted to see very clearly the detailed exchange of money between customers and their employees, therefore a big focus was put on bringing high-resolution megapixel technology to every register. Telexper nCam-52326 2MP IP Dome Camera provides the means needed to achieve this goal. Another goal helped with Telexper was a better and more secure environment for both the main entrance and general areas in front of the stores. In this case,

Considering future expansion with hotel, fitness centre, modular design was applied to this project to maximize customer benefit. Telexper’s cameras, coupled with 256ch Central Management Software, provide the option of value-added functions: point-of-sales integration assists in loss prevention, broadcast system, and multimedia advertisement system. The integration of this system with Telexper Megapixel cameras not only provides great image quality, but also ensures that customers at Taipei Cultural & Creative Park have a safe and secure shopping environment.