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FEB. 2018: Taiwan Rail Station Established Parkxper PGS in 2018

DEC. 2017: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

NOV. 2017: Delivery Your Message Across Entire Campus - Telexper IP-based PA System

OCT. 2017: Parking Lot Safety Improved with Parkxper IP Emergency System

SEP. 2017: A Secret To Ease Parking Pain in Shopping Season

SEP. 2017: Create Extraordinary Customer Experience: IP-based Smart Hotel PA System

MAY. 2017: Bring Innovative Audio Experience to You Community

JAN. 2017: Project Reference: Telexper PA System in D Hospital

JUL. 2016: Proactive Alert around the clock

JUN. 2016: IP-based PA system for Educational Applicatoin

APR. 2016: ATM Monitoring and Maximizing the Uptime

MAR. 2016: Emergency Help Point with 720P Visual Aid !

FEB. 2016: Telexper Intelligency-driven PA System

FEB. 2016: Add Extra Value to Your ATM Business!

DEC. 2015: Manage Your ATM Operation & Security Wisely and Efficiently.

DEC. 2015: We keep a sharp eye on your Campus with Smart Security System !

AUG. 2015: Scalable, PC-less TV Wall station

MAY. 2015: Delivering Your Message! IP PA/VA SYSTEM

MAR. 2015: New Generation IP-based PA System

JAN. 2015: New Generation IP-based Public Address System

SEP. 2014: Full-HD IP camera in 1080P resolution for Exquisite Quality Video Surveillance (Spanish)

JUL. 2014: Una actualizacion de camaras analogicas tradicionales y puente para la solucion IP (Spanish)

JUL. 2014: Delgado, Fuerte y Seguro para su negocio (Spanish)

JUL. 2014: Slim, Sharp and Secure Solutions for your business

MAY. 2014: Full-HD IP camera in 1080P resolution for Exquisite Quality Video Surveillance

APR. 2014: Improve School Safety with IP Emergency Help Point

FEB. 2014: Telexper Hybrid NVR optimizes Bank surveillance system in a way that minimize your resulting IT and infrastructure costs

JAN. 2014: Telexper offers complete Hybrid NVR HD surveillance solution for restaurant business.

NOV. 2013: Cost Effective & Unlimited Scalability TV Wall Solution

MAY. 2013: Looking for the best and achievable solution?

FEB. 2013: Capture every vivid detail (Full HD 1080P IP Camera)

SEP. 2012: Telexper Annual Conference in Taichung Taiwan

MAY. 2012: Interactive Security (IP Emergency Intercom System)

MAR. 2012: Impeccable PA over IP Communication

FEB. 2012: Experience HD with 1080P Megapixel Camera

NOV. 2011: Telexper Invitation - Intersec Dubai 2012

OCT. 2011: Interactive Security - Network Emergency Intercom System

SEP. 2011: Emergency Network Intercom with Hidden CCD IP Camera

JUN. 2011: Interactive Security - Emergency Network Intercom with Hidden CCD IP Camera

MAY. 2011: Minimal cost, Maximal upgrade!

APR. 2011: Telexper Thanks for Your Visit - Secutech 2011

MAR. 2011: Telexper Invitation - Secutech 2011

MAR. 2011: Providing a safer than ever school environment while saving more on your budget

FEB. 2011: Leading IP CCTV System Integration Solution Provider.

JAN. 2010: Leading IP CCTV System Integration Solution Provider.

DEC. 2010: An upgrade of traditional analogue and bridge to IP solution.

APR. 2010: It's Right Timing from Analog to IP.

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