Electronic Manufactory selects Telexper for Surveillance Upgrade

Electronic Manufactory selects Telexper for Surveillance Upgrade

IMS Research, the leading market researcher forecasts that 2013 will be the tipping point when IP CCTV solutions overtake analog solutions. When the world is broadcasting the benefits and possibilities of network video surveillance equipment, there are some users who are cost conscious and prefer going into the new IP world in phases instead of jumping right into it. Telexper caters the right solutions for customers who still have some analog cameras functioning but want a powerful surveillance system over IP.

A high-tech electronic component manufactory located in south of Taiwan chose Telexper for monitoring.

The manufactory has 3 plants; each contains 250 to 300 analog cameras. With 80% of the analog cameras still functioning without problem, the Company was looking for an IP-based Central Management System for future expansions while keeping its existing cameras. “We not only have big manufacture plants, but also have employee dormitories, so security is unquestionably crucial to our success,” said Mr. Chen, the head of manufactory. “We choose Telexper for its video quality, advanced client-server management feature and user-friendly operation. We are able to centrally monitor operations, important entrances, exits and individuals safety 24/7. Telexper exceeded our expectation by successfully upgrading our current system at the minimal cost.

For each plant, Telexper installed multi-64 channel high-density video encoder systems (nVS-64) to replace all the old DVRs and digitalize the existing 300+ analog cameras. All coaxial cables are easily connected to the multi-64 channel video encoder system’s BNC connectors and one LAN cable comes out of the system to connect to the Central Management System’s network. On average, client stations are established for security operators to immediately access live video and footages. In addition, Network Matrix Decoders were used for TV wall 16 channels display. Telexper also installed several independently operating storage systems to ensure 30 days of recordings.

The system upgrade with IP network improves the business-security efficiency of the factory.