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3G phone remote viewer

View your IP cameras from anywhere on most smart phones!
● No software needed!
● Supports iPhone, Android, Symbian OS
● View on any Internet explorer that supports JAVA Script & Cookie

 Check out our Live Demo!
1. On your mobile phone, open any Internet explorer*.
2. Go to
3. On the log in page:
  Username: user
  Password: user

*Note: Available in any Internet browswer. For Microsoft IE user, please use IE 6.0 or above..
 View your IP cameras from your phone now!

This feature is for CMS version or above.

Before you start, please make sure to set up port forwarding on your CMS system:
1. CMS system‘s Port Mapping:
 Under CMS’s Misc page, please Enable Web server port 80.

2. Disable Default Website on your CMS system’s Computer Management:
 i. On your CMS system’s desktop, right-click on My Computer, and then select
 ii. Under Internet Information Service, disable Default Web Site.


3. Now open the internet explorer on your phone, and go to
 http:// your CMS IP address /cellphone/

4. Log in with your CMS username and password.

5. For multiple viewers, you could create different log-in accounts and manage the channels they are allowed to view. You will need go to Setup page under your CMS to create different log-in accounts.

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