Storage System
Gigabit PoE Hub
Extension GPIO
IP PA System
Special Application
- Vehicle DVRs
- WinXP
- Standalone

On-line Service
 IP Public Address System - Basic
Network Public Address System
● This system encompasses:
- Embedded WinXP OS Server
- Resistive Touch Panel
- Shotgun Microphone
- Plug & Play, Ubiquitous Audio Servers
(to process audio input & output signals in each server)
- Via LAN & WAN over IP or VPN, Wireless or Fiber cable
- Support IGMP Switch
● Easy Configuration from Software
● Broadcast region graphic interface
● Independent 15 regional broadcasts at the same time or One multiple-region broadcast
● Up to 128 Audio Servers
● Audio signals and control data are entirely digital
● Support MP3 conversion to WAV audio format (ADPCM)
● De-centralized & Modularized Design for quick future scalability
● Broadcast Server & Broadcast Client available (advance function)
● est digital alternative to current mixer pre-amplifier, audio processing device, multi zone amplifier and music scheduling system.
Telexper’s Digital Network Public Address System (DNPA System) combines back ground music, voice announcement and paging into one powerful solution for public address application. Its fully digital structure distributes audio data via TCP/IP and its modular structure is ideal for unique requirements of your PA system. DNPA System supports 16 simultaneously playing programs, 1 mic input and 3 audio inputs for external trigger signal function. Under urgent circumstances, emergency announcement can make to all groups in the timely manner. DNPA System is ideal in school, offices, exhibition and other public projects.
● Easy to import, export, and save audio files to HDDs (HDD not included)
● Adjustable audio volume
● Scheduling in each of 16 Music Group
● Auto replay of playlist music after cut-in or emergency announcements
● Audio-recording via microphone or playlist and broadcast it as music & sound
● NTP Time synchronization
● 4 External Triggers via audio source
● Connection to 128 audio servers (nVS-1PA)
- Connect to a speaker unit
- PoE-enabled, IEEE802.3af
- Transmit audio via IP/TCP network
- Aluminum housing, with wall mount bracket
● Few-region option system: small business, restaurants, retail spaces, houses of worship.
● Complex multi-region option system: supermarket, office buildings, hotels, schools, public buildings, convention centers.
*Specifications subject to change without prior notice
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