Storage System
Gigabit PoE Hub
Extension GPIO
IP PA System
Special Application
- Vehicle DVRs
- WinXP
- Standalone

On-line Service
 Hybrid DVRs / 4 HDD (Hybrid NVR)
nHybrid-16 / -32 / -48
● Co-existence of multiple analog & full HD 1080P IP cameras
● Quickly upgrade analog system to digital IP system
● Windows 7 embedded OS on 16GB SSD
● Central Management Software provides Live-view, Record, Playback, Backup, Client-view, Remote-view.
● Supports 3G / 3.5G mobile device Remote-viewer
● Supports up to 16 analog cameras and 32 full HD 1080P IP cameras
● Support maximum 48 cameras
● Build-in H.264/ M-JPEG video codec
● Live-view display of 1/4/9/10/13/16/25/36/64, Playback display of 1/4/9/10/13/16, Remote-viewer display of 1/4/9/10/13/16
● Dual- or Triple VGA Monitor Output
● Automatic switch of the bad track of HDD without interrupting any recording
● Intelligent motion video analytic software
● E-mail notification for alarms
● Dynamic IP & Static IP supported
● Snap shot of Live images
● Mirror Backup Video Recording for double protection (optional)
● Integrated Access Control system (base on project)
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 System Configurations:
Standard application
Future Expansion (48ch & Matrix Decoder Display)
*Specifications subject to change without prior notice
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