Bring Innovative Audio Experience to You Community

PA System for your Community・s emergency and entertainment

Background Music welcomes you home

Common area such as lobby, swimming pool, or gym can play different music programs set up from the PA system centrally. Our PA system reaches out to all common areas and welcomes you with comfortable music when you walk into the lobby or even the elevator.


Intelligent Event & Multi-Zone Music Scheduler

Telexper IP PA System is a powerful and clever solution for administrative personal. It provides routine announcement or pre-recorded message for events such as festival activities, new neighbors・ parties or any entertainment programs. Multiple zones mixer delivers different audio sources to different common areas and halls. You won・t lose any messages wherever you are.


7 I/O Alarm Triggers & Evacuation

In addition to routine announcement from the control center, Telexper PA system integrates with alarm system. Evacuation message will automatically broadcast during emergency. Pre-recorded function quickens the urgent messages delivery and evacuates residents in a timely matter under fire, accident or any other emergencies.


Easy Installation & Flexible Scalability

There is no message delivery limitation between buildings by Telexper・s IP based PA system. Telexper・s technology connects and powers under the network structure. Less cable usage reduces installation costs. It・s definitely a valuable choice with its fast deployment and easy installation.


Advantages for Control Center

To migrate to Telexper PA system:
Telexper presents the powerful PA system for apartment complex refurbishment and expansion. The cost of ownership is low since Telexper PA system integrates with existing PA system and leverages your investment by keeping existing front-end speakers and amplifiers.

To setup new PA system:
Telexper IP-based system setup is effortless. It is the 100% IP-based solution which is capable of delivering the audio source over the network. The flexible system design also allows the users to extend the system based on the budget.


Other Applications

Other Applications
Schools - Set up school bell and daily class schedule
Hotel / Retail / Amusement Parks - Broadcast different music to different zones
Commercial Buildings - Digitalize and integrate directly to your current network structure
Factories - Full control of the site with multi-layer E-Maps




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