Headquartered in Philippines, D Hospital is consisted of 3 separate buildings within 8,000 sqm complex. The hospital planned to construct fiber optic connection from 3 buildings to the IT data-center. The structure will be 100% IP-based and will be the foundation for multiple systems such as computer devices, surveillance system, Nurse Call system and the most importantly, the IP PA system.

Extendable System Design
The project covered CCTV, Nurse Call and PA system at the same time, so the hospital was looking for a cost-effective, flexible and extendable solution, but has limited budget for PA system. The hospital needs a solution that allows extending the PA system step by step.

Support the Network Environment
Considering the hospital was going to build up the fiber optic structure between 3 separate buildings, the system is required to support optic fiber transition to right fit in the network environment.

Broadcasting/ Scheduling Feature for Daily/Weekly Activities
For hospital application, the PA system needs to provide broadcasting/ scheduling function to play the announcement and background music to different areas.


Flexible System Design for Expansion
Telexper PA system supports the connection of 256 audio servers, and audio server allows extending the scale of the system under the network. Telexper PA system ensures the hospital to expand their system freely step by step.

IP-based System Structure
Telexper IP-based PA system can digitalize and deliver audio source via network. With optic fiber converter, the system allows transiting the audio data to every floor in 3 separate buildings.

Software-based broadcasting & scheduling function
Once the hospital completes the construction of PA system in all buildings, Telexper PA system can avoid the inconveniences of re-cabling, setups and maintenance. All operations for group broadcasting and scheduling can be done on user-friendly GUI, so the hospital does not need to move or install the existing speakers and any other device on-site again.


Reset playlists for special events

External alarm triggers evacuation message

Broadcast different background music for Hall, Conference room & Clinic Room

Remote broadcast on Smartphone APP


Solution Diagram




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