Telexper ATM surveillance solution is capable of securing your property and cardholder on site with real-time monitoring of ATM operation. And for reducing the disputes between cardholders and ATM owners, the transaction overlay feature is available both on NVR and remote software to imprint the card number on the video images and support transaction search via transaction number.

Telexper offers you a turnkey solution with compact NVR which can be fitted inside the ATM, and it provides triplex working of record, replay and back up. The transaction overlay feature is able to imprint the card number on the video images and support transaction search via card number.


Telexper compact NVR inside the ATM can be equipped with physical security measures to deter potential criminals/ invasion. The NVR will always keep an eye on transaction in your machines and transaction in your customers' hands.


Telexper Linux-based NVR provides the highest stability for ATM video recording application. Both software and hardware watchdog detects system malfunction and ensure the system continues operating in all times.


The system supports real-time recording, also do event search, playback for evidence. All videos are exported as standard AVI files to review on any given PC.


Store owners with ATMs are able to playback the recorded files via the remote software instead of physically opening the ATM case.


To monitor multiple on-site ATMs, Telexper offers ATM Viewer (central management software) to cover the features of remote live viewing, playback and video export scheduler.


Telexper NVR is able to auto rebuild database if the hard drive is defective. Also the NVR supports hot-swap feature for replacing the hard drive quickly.




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