Emergency Help Point with 720P Visual Ad!

Telexper Network-based Emergency Intercom system allows users to call for immediate assistance from the control center. The Emergency Intercom is a 2-way communication device with IP camera at 720P resolution, it provides real-time video & audio, alarm display information for control center to take immediate action.
The system is designed specifically for surveillance and security in public and private areas. The IP-based structure can be used for remote monitoring application via internet and Mobile APP.

2-way Audio Communication with On-site Viewing

Telexper intercom has a hidden camera to offer clear visual aid at 720P resolution. The real-time video & audio gives the capability for the security center to take necessary immediate actions/direction for the users on site.


E-Map & Device Group to Manage All Intercoms

PoE feature on the intercom and software-driven operation enable the user to set up and manage all intercoms with E-map and device groups remotely.


Instant Alarm for Fast Assistance and Aids

Big red panic button input is intuitive for the users on-site to call for help, the pop-up alarm allows the people in the control center to grasp the on-site situation immediately. Telexper CMS Mobile APP supports Push-alarm feature which allows manager to respond even if he or she is off site.


Real-time Recording and Event Search/Playback for Evidence

The system supports real-time recording, also do event search, playback for evidence. All videos are exported as standard AVI files to review on any given PC.



Perfect for parking structures, schools, public restrooms, hospitals, public transportation, parks, bike trails, other public areas and more.


IP Emergency Intercom System Demo:

IP Emergency Intercom System Demo

IP Emergency Intercom Live Demo



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