DEC. 17, 2015
From well-established financial institutions to multi-branch stores, ATM becomes another revenue source for the branch daily operations. Minimize ATM downtime and transaction disruptions are important to keep the cash flow coming in. Telexper’s ATM Video Surveillance Solution guarantees 180 days of video recording and allows centralized viewing and centralized retrieving transaction video.
With Telexper advanced video compression technology, ATM Network Video Recorder and Central Monitoring Software (ATM Multi Viewer) should share the network with the existing ATM network bandwidth, which is as low as 128K.
ATM protection is another major concern for the banks, pinhole camera or vandal dome camera can be installed inside ATM or outside ATM or public areas nearby for securing your ATM site and customers.
Security cannot afford a wait-and-see attitude. Telexper knows what ATM security concerns are and continues to develop for more advanced features with the financial institutions and ATM solution providers.
 Solution Advantages:
Centralized video surveillance for over 2,000 ATM
Via the bank private network or internet, central monitoring software (ATM Viewer) is capable of monitoring over 2,000 ATM status and play back video which displays card number and transaction data.
Customized Video Compression for Low Bandwidth Environment
Fine-tune video compression to increase the efficiency in surveillance and export from the control center. The video compression process would not affect recording and export video quality. Broadband network bandwidth can be as low as 128K.
Remote Video Export
All transaction videos can be easily searched and exported from remote ATM Multi Viewer to a local hard disk.
Integrated with ATM system
When NVR detects any abnormality, ATM will stop operating temporarily to prevent unrecorded ATM transactions.
Easy Maintenance
- Replace the HDD quickly with hot-swappable caddies.
- NVR will auto rebuild database after HDD is defective.
  Solution Diagram:
Model 1: Single ATM Standing Integrating with Transaction Log
Model 2: Multiple ATMs Booth(without Transaction Log Integration)
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