DEC. 01, 2015

Campus safety is regarded as a crucial evaluation factor for the parents and students. How to build a safe and protective environment for students, staff, and faculties is an essential and inevitable consideration for managerial staff.
Telexper is here to provide you with an intelligent school security solution! We provide an integrated security platform to manage and respond to various alarms or emergency events in real-time manner, therefore prevent incidents from happening or deteriorating and minimize losses from emergent events. Telexper dedicates itself to provide all-rounded protection for building a safe campus for the students.

 We keep a sharp eye on your Campus with Smart Security System !
Full HD 2MP IP Cameras:
Telexper IP cameras provide H.264 high quality image for surveillance, which is suitable for gateways, entrances and exits. The whole system is network-based for easy installation and maintenance.
IP Speed Dome Camera:
IP PTZ Speed dome allows security staff to pan/ tilt and zoom smoothly with 20X optical zoom. Auto-tracking feature could track down the people flow to prevent the suspicious from roaming and ganging together in the gateway after school time.
24/7 Intelligent Video Analytic Technology:
Telexper camera’s build-in front-end video analytic technology adapts various on-site environment with different alarm function such as electronic fence/missing, remnants detection. Its round-the-clock monitoring offers instant alarm to inform the security staff in any emergent event.
 Campus Security:
1. Emergency Intercom System (with built-in hidden IP camera)
Telexper Emergency Intercom with built-in hidden IP camera offers on-site staff to call out to the guard room for help with audio and video 2-way communication, the instant video allows security staff to grasp the on-site situation immediately. Emergency Intercom System would record the audio/video communication in logs automatically for after-event inspection.
Instant alarm for Anti-bullying Application
As the bullying cases are getting much more frequent and serious, how to inform related department and to control the accident immediately would be an crucial factor to ease the harm. Telexper Emergency Intercom provides prompt 2-way communication with video. The video/audio communication allows security staff to know the on-site situation instantly, also reduce the possibility and the damage from the accident.

Adapted for the Public and Bordering/Remote Area
Telexper Emergency Intercom System is perfectly adapted for public area and bordering area without sufficient on-site monitoring. Its E-map function is capable for dividing whole campus into various area, the users are allowed to manage all the intercoms by group with layout of E-map. Once the emergent event occurs, the security staff could head to the emergent site directly according to the E-map.
2. Integration with Access Control System
Telexper provides system integration service to coordinate video surveillance system with access control system for school dormitories & server rooms. Telexper cameras would capture the image once a person swipes the card for entering/exiting, and the card numbers would layout on the image. All captured images with card numbers are recorded for later searching and inspection.
 Remote Surveillance:
APP Remote Monitoring:
Telexper’s security system is all IP-based. The network structure allows managerial staff to check on-site viewing in any time/ place through the network & Smartphone APP
Prompt & Intelligent Push Alarm):
Telexper Smartphone APP offers automatic and prompt Push Alarm once emergent event occurs, its feature allows security staff to grasp on-site situation immediately.
 System Advantage:
• Offers all-round intelligent surveillance.
• Multi-system integration, optimize operation and management efficiency.
• Instant alarm and 2-way video/audio communication for Security staff to grasp situation about emergent event immediately.
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