AUG. 18, 2015
Future-proof IP surveillance for your ATM operations
 The ATM attacking cases take up approximately 80 percent in the criminal acts which all banks are facing. According the statistics from Security Anticrime, Q1-Q3 of 2014 had an increasing of 34.9 percent from 2013.

 To effectly confront the increasingly sophisticated attacks, Telexpwe is dedicating to providing affordable solutions in a diverse circumstances.

 Telexper provides ATM NVR with compact camera inside the ATM, which includes triplex working of record, replay and back up. Moreover, IP-based structure allows the control center to monitor ALL NVR status and report any abnormal situation.

 Security is not a temporary matter. Telexper know what ATM security concerns and keep attention for future requirement with ATM solution providers.
 Product Advantage
Prevent Financial Fraud Activities:
Despite the great advances in skimming technology in recent years, ATM cameras would provide round-the-clock surveillance to capture any financial fraud activities instantly.
Remote surveillance:
IP-base structure can improve customer safety and service, which supports remote on-site viewing.
Video Storage & Export:
All video streams would preserve in central storage system up to 180 days, providing more safe and steady management and operation. And expot recorded data of ATM transaction as AVI.
Integrated with ATM system:
When NVR is detected for any abnormality, ATM will stop operating temporarily to prevent unrecorded ATM transactions..
 The difference between Telexper and other ATM surveillance solutions
1. Centrally manage over 1,000 NVRs and with ATM integration
ATM Remote Net Viewer( or ATM Viewer) constantly monitors up to 1,000 ATM NVRs status, instantly reports on any abnormal activities.
NVR disconnection
Insufficient recording days
NVR overheat
Unusual fan rotating speed
2. ATM NVR operations not affected by HDD failure
- The Linux Embedded OS and software can work without HDDs, so any hard drive damage or bad sector will not interrupt the camera's video streaming to the control center.
3. Fast Card Number Search
- Fast search transactions by ATM ID, credit card number, etc., and export .AVI in the control center.
4. Video Export Schedule
- Schedule setting allows operator to export multiple video clips from different time and different ATM NVRs at the same time, so the operators don’t need to spend time exporting video one by one.
5. Customized Video Compression for Low Bandwidth Environment
- Fine-tune video compression to increase the efficiency in surveillance and export from the control center. The video compression process would not affect recording and export video quality. Bandwidth from NVR can be as low as 128K.
6. Easy Maintenance
- Replace the HDD quickly with hot-swappable caddies.
- NVR will auto rebuild database after HDD is defective.
 Solution Diagram:
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