MAY. 26, 2015
Case Study: Schools
When dealing with analog traditional public address (PA) system, you cannot avoid the inconveniences of complex cabling, setups and maintenance. Worry no more, now you have a brand-new choice!

Telexper’s new generation IP-based PA system not only offers trouble-free installation and user operation, but more importantly, it is also established on the network structure. Its future-proof features are perfect for all kinds of applications where multiple music schedules and announcements are made. In addition to day-to-day broadcast functions, it may integrates with other security systems to provide a well-rounded safe e-campus.

Exhibition Center
Opera House
Train Station
Shopping Mall, and etc.
Case Study: School Application
Update & Integrate Existing PA System
While retaining the existing speakers, you can enjoy the advantages of IP-based PA system immediately.
Set up School Bell and Daily Class Schedule
The intuitive GUI enables users to set up school bell schedule by groups (classes) effortlessly. You may arrange or adjust all schedules on any remote or offline PCs, and then upload the setting file back to the server.
Broadcast songs for special events
In addition to the daily class schedule, you can pre-set music to play to selective zones for future special events.
Two-way communication for distance learning
Through the mobile APP and remote control, 2-way communication allows teaching staff broadcast the class materials to different zones.
User Priority & Multi-station
Telexper offers user priority and station priority setting. When user with higher priority right is broadcasting, it will not be interrupted by other users.
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