3i 網路系統產品
警報控制器 GPIO
- 專業車用DVR
- 嵌入式 DVR
- 提款機整合DVR
- 收銀機整合DVR
- 單機型 DVR



 Total Solution: Hardware + Software
POS DVR is total solution with both software and hardware. This technology not only offers superior loss prevention. It can also be used to boost sales, improve staff and customer security, optimize store layouts, boost productivity, count people, monitor flow control, and many more key functions.


 Easy Integration
POS DVR can be applied in most retail businesses. This solution complies with open industry standards and can easily be integrated into and triggered by other systems. For example, the Surveillance system can be combined with POS (point of sales) electronic cash registers to ensure that every transaction is monitored.
 Smart Search
POS DVR provides intelligent searching engines which enable users setup search criteria based on any field filter displayed on recipient or special period of time. This intelligent solution make users quick and precise find Losses related to POS transactions.

no need to start from first transaction ...." specific time & index presettable!"
 Remote Live Viewing
POS DVR provides an easy way to capture and distribute high quality video over any kind of Lan or RS232. The video can be stored at remote locations for convenience and security, and the information can be transported in a secured way over the IP network or internet, and with the capability, POS DVR can be deployed with up to 256 cameras.

up to 256 Cameras
 Rear View

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