IP Public Address System

● Flexible network structure allows the connection of 256 audio servers in LAN.
● Multi-layer E-maps and multiple zones
● User-defined music schedule by day, week, month.
● Multiple user authority management
● Built-in 7 audio line-ins and 7 I/O triggers
● Quick establishment of Server and Client stations in the network. Support prioritization level for the stations.
● Easy back-up, import and export of system settings
● Device online/disconnected detection
● Schedule system shut down and power on for energy saving
● Broadcast zones by phone

Based on the IP structure, Telexper Public Address System is a powerful server that encompasses functions of sound sources, signal processor, multiple zones mixer, pre-amplifier and scheduler. Intuitive user graphic interface is available for quick set up, control and broadcast to all speakers in the network.

Touch Screen GUI
Daily & Weekly Schedule
Broadcast Log
Priority Setting

Multi-purpose Audio Server (nVS-1PA15 / nVS-1PA25)

● Plug-and-play
● Two-way signal communication
● Built-in 20~30 amplifier *
● Support Bluetooth connection *
● Locally stored audio file for broadcasting during network failure
● For nVS-1PAX/15/25 model


● Set up school bell and daily class schedule
● Broadcast songs for special events
● Daily/Weekly Schedule

Hotel / Retail / Amusement Parks

● Broadcast different music to different zones
● Play pre-recorded promotional announcement
● Auto-play & -replay of background music
● Preset closing music

Commercial Buildings

● Digitalize and integrate directly to your current network structure
● External alarm triggers evacuation message
● Lobby, Hall, Conference Room, Ubiquitous background music


● Full control of the site with multi-layer E-Maps
● Single/multiple factory buildings broadcast
● Two-way communication over audio server & server
● 7 alarm inputs relay audio inputs

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