Smart Parking

Intelligent parking. Superior experience.

Telexper drives better performance, efficiency and security. Our next-generation parking guidance will bring you the kind of conveniences that increase market share and repeat businesses.


Now, your customers will not need to worry about detouring around your parking lot anymore. With Telexper’s expertise in video/image processing, we introduce Smart Parking Guidance System. Every customer can experience stress-free parking treatment. We offer the highest quality and efficient parking solution to both managers and drivers.

Signs will show the number of free spaces in the entire parking garage or on different floors.
Lights will direct drivers the way to the closest available spot.
Cameras will monitor car properties and locate where the drivers’ cars are.
Kiosk and APP will save your customers time by quick car-searching.

IP based Intelligence system

● Simple construction with less cabling
● Transmit over TCP/IP
● Modular and expandable
● Cost-effectiveness for future expansion

Ticketless ANPR for Entrance/Exit

● 99% license recognition accuracy rate
● Ticket-less parking
● 1080P resolution to keep sharp eyes for vehicles flowing and passenger

Dynamic Signage

● IP based guidance signage
● Multi-color LED display
● Auto evacuation message
● Minimize the driver’s time in parking

LED indicator with LPR Camera

● 99% accuracy in detection and recognition by megapixel camera
● Secure owners’ properties and visitors’ safety
● Automatically switch LED colors for different priorities
● Elegant appearance with efficient energy

Car Finder Kiosk

● Search your vehicle by license plate, space number or arrival time
● Quick guidance route to your car location
● Integrate with other existing seamlessly

Car Finder APP

● Car’s status Monitor
● Fast Car searching
● Log your search history automatically

nPark Management Server

● Statistical analysis data for parking lot management
● Real-time status of parking occupancy
● Detect long-term parking vehicles
● Embedded customer floor plan software
● Integrate with Emergency Intercom system or PA system

Automatic Payment System

● License Plate Recognition Technology for Entrance
● Quick Car Search with Fuzzy Lookup
● Automatic Parking Fee Calculation after Inputting License Plate Number on Touch Screen
● Verifying/Accumulating Receipt Parking Validation (QR Code)
● Credit Card Parking Validation
● Build-in Sensor, Voice Assistance for Operation
● Electronic Receipts and Receipts Donation
● Multi-Language User Interface

Value-added & Seamless Integration

We integrates with other essential parking lot related systems via IP network. By using our IP based intercom with IP camera, parking lot manager can provide immediate assistance from the center, instead of bustling around. When emergency happens, you will need an intelligence IP PA system to fasten the evacuation. Building up an intelligent and convenient environment encourages repeat visits and ensures effective management controls.

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