Central Management System - CMS


● User-friendly GUI, ease of operation
● Plug & Play Camera Control Design
● Triplex (Rec, Playback & Archive) simultaneously
● Triple-Monitor Operation (Live, Playback, E-map, Video Wall, System Setup mode)
● Support over 256 channels

Standard Monitoring
● Multi Video/ Audio/ GPIO Integrated streaming design
- IP Camera, PTZ cameras, Video Servers, Matrix Decoders
- Telexper Commander Station NVR, Storage Systems
- DAS/ NAS/ SAN and Tape Archive (optional, on request)
- Manage all kinds of alarm sensors
- Control electrical devices remotely (e.g. turn on/ off lighting)
- Broadcast background music to the assigned areas
- Live audio monitoring of selected area)

● Compatible with multi-codec, multi-brands IP products
- M-JPEG, MPEG4, H.264, H.265 supported
● Multiple Steaming
● Support different IP cameras resolution

Live & Recording
● Powerful Live Monitoring
- Real-time video at 16ch display. Max. 64 screen display.
- Group view
- 1/4/9/10/13/16/25/36/64 cameras display on screen
● User-friendly system configuration of REC such as
- Recording Schedule
- Frame rate (fps) & quality (compression & bit rate) adjustment
- Multi-channel of video & audio REC
- Alarm trigger schedule, alarm turbo, pre & post alarm
- Auto recycle recording files when storage is full

● Intelligent search playback (built-in indexed database)
- Date/Time search
- Motion search (up to four adjustable detection zones)
- Smart search: Missing Object, foreign object search
- Alarm search
- Card number search (with ATM/Access Control/POS integration function)

Remote Viewing
● Remote CMS supports live view and playback
● 3G Phone Remote Viewer (Windows OS/ iPhone/ Android/ Symbian OS)

● Alarm Call Live Monitoring
- Pre-recorded digital alert message per every device
● Instant Alarm Notification on E-Map
● User-friendly Alarm E-mail Notification

Advanced user management administration
● Multi-user, multi-authority, hidden camera & etc

Future Expansion
● Unlimited Cameras, Storage Systems Expansion

Failover Recording
● Support N+1 failover recording

Storage & Archive
● USB2.0 for archive (JPEG, AVI, Wav & proprietary format)

Recommend Hardware Specifications
● Operating System: 64bit Windows OS
● CPU: Quad Core
● RAM: 16G
● VGA: NVIDIA N210 or above
● Minimum size for software application installation: 500MB

More value-added functions (on request)
● ATM/ POS plug-in module
● Broadcast system
● Access control system
● Emergency Intercom System
● Multimedia Advertisement system
● Parking management system
● Intelligent Video Analytics System

3rd Party IP Camera Compatibility
● Support RTSP and ONVIF cameras.

Alarm / Control / Intercom

User-friendly Alarm E-mail Notification

TV Wall Matrix

Access Control

Parking management system

Intelligent Video Analytics System