Gigabit PoE Hub (12Port)
nHUB-12P2U (12port PoE+ 2port UTP)
nHUB-12P2S (12port PoE+ 2port SFP)

● Material-efficiency
● Utilization of ALL 12+2 ports
● Gigabit bandwidth for multi-streaming
● Capable 7-layer cascading, over 70km long with fiber cable
● Sufficient power for ALL your IP cameras
Gigabit PoE Hub 12+2 Port—designed in particular for IP CCTV industrial users.

Telexper’s Gigabit PoE Hub (12 Gigabit ports + 2 SFP/UTP port) optimizes your IP CCTV system network performance and minimizes your cost with these benefits of: centralized power distribution for PoE powered devices, high safety short circuit protection, OVP/OCP protection, and an optional 19” rack-mountable can be easily located in a server room to centralize power management and simplify entire network integration for various applications and environments.

12 RJ-45 ports featuring PoE function feed sufficient power (total max. consumption of 200W) to each camera or encoder and the hub feeds up to 7 layers, 700-meter long for UTP cable, over 70km long for SFP cable. Telexper’s 14-port Gigabit PoE Switch Hub is the perfect switch hub for IP CCTV industrial users.

Recommended System Configuration