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Intelligent IP Surveillance for Securing Campus and Faculties

As the campuses are frequently challenged with issue about security and vandalism, safety is always a high concern and an evaluation indicator for both school and prospective students. Telexper integrates Video Surveillance, Public Broadcast and Emergency Intercom system for an all-round protection of the campuses. With future-proof technology, Telexper is dedicating in providing an intelligent and efficient IP surveillance platform for education institutions worldwide.

The benefit

● Future-proof Surveillance System with the Efficient Operation & Minimal Security Cost
● Secure campus inside and out with CCTV and Control Access
● Interactive Emergency Help Point and Multi-Media Broadcast
● Highly Compatible & Scalable System Integration

Monitoring large areas of indoor and outdoor space, also the considerable number of the faculties and students, Telexper is here to provide cost-effective and functionality integrated solution to meet the requirement for all-leveled educational institutions. In addition to the highly compatibility, Telexper CMS allows to smooth operation efficiency with IVS features, which would automatically alert in real time of any emergency event. The modular structure design guarantee the stability that once any subsystem crushes, it won’t affect other system operation.

Reference Pictures
School gate
Emergency Intercom

The Solution

Fully-integrated System Platform: Telexper CMS

Telexper system design is a fully integrated and covered IP platform with video surveillance, emergency disperse and emergency video call. With Central Management Software (CMS), you have a real-time, clear view of every important area around the campus.

● Integrates video, access control, emergency intercom system and more.
● Multiple client stations with different access authorities at any network point.
Mega Pixel Network Camera
● Build-in IVA( Intelligent Video Analysis) Functions such as idling.
● Plug & Play
● Smart Focus and PTZ

Future-proof IVS Technology

Telexper offers auto-detect and front-end computing IVS solution to maximize the efficiency of the the host computer that is cost-saving and easy-installed. The IVS solution is fully integrate with Telexper’s cameras and brings you intelligent safety solution for the campus. Telexper IVS turns surveillance recording after the fact into robust, instant alert to campus faculties when emergency event happened.

Virtual Fence, Forbidden Area Monitoring
● Instant intrusion alarm
● Flow monitoring after school time
● Safety-concerned areas monitoring
● Alarm broadcast through PA system when people get close to prohibited areas
Idle Monitoring
● Front-end analytics in cameras
● Instant report for suspicious loitering
● Auto-detect any remnant

On-site Video Emergency Help Point

Telexper IP Intercoms are perfect for emergency communication and patrol check points. The hidden IP camera allows center to respond immediately to bullying, vandalism or other urgent events. Both video and two-way audio conversation are recorded for evidence.

Network Emergency Intercom Camera
● Real-time video & audio information with hidden camera
● Manage multiple calls and any emergency situations effectively
● AVI export allows to play back on each computer

Securing Access in-n-out

In addition to CCTV solution, Telexper combines CCTV with Access Control system. For dormitory access, IP camera directly integrates card reader over IP and captures the image of people coming in and out. Basic card information will be overlaid the video for security guard’s reference.

Camera Integrates Card Reader
● Camera receives card info directly
● Saving snapshot and OSD card info
● Quick card search for video playback
● Increase security level with face recognition integration

Daily and event Scheduling PA System

Telexper IP-based PA system offers trouble-free installation and operation. Its future-proof features are perfect for all kinds of music schedules and announcements. In addition to day-to-day broadcast functions, it can be triggered by other Telexper CCTV system for emergency broadcast. it may integrates with other security systems to provide a well-rounded safe e-campus.

IP PA System
● Set up school bell and daily class schedule
● Broadcast songs for special events
● Daily/Weekly Schedule
● Alarm broadcast integrates with PA system

Multi-Media Broadcast

Alongside with the PA system, Telexper offers multi-media broadcast for daily message delivery and other activities/events promotion. An value-add feature is that receives alarm triggers and displays evacuation direction on the monitor.

Muti-Media Broadcast
● Message/image/video auto-broadcast and replay
● Message delivery in pick-up zone
● Application for Daily Activities
● Emergency evacuation and direction

Recent Project I: System upgrade for one university in Taoyuan Taiwan

Telexper strengthens the backbone of the existing system with CMS, Network Video Recorders and Video Decoders for TV wall. Now the school’s security control room can manage over 200 cameras and have new function such as emergency buttons and two-way audio communication.

Recent Project II: System upgrade for one college in Taipei Taiwan.

The new system integrates IP cameras with the existing traditional analog cameras, records live footage and detects alarms using LAN. The system comprises of 250 cameras internally and externally. The central management center uses CMS to oversee school’s property and provide prompt assistance.

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