Solution / Office

Telexper 3i CCTV provides an innovative way to set up your office security system. With IP camera, Gigabit PoE hub and CMS, you can connect your office network directly to a powerful network surveillance system, requiring no additional ADSL line.

Beyond the traditional security management, the powerful surveillance function of the software keeps your office away from intruders at all times and allows you to keep an eye on every movements via web in real time.

Without limitation, we may install IP cameras wherever you want. They are not tied to physical inputs or frame grabbers as you can connect them to a LAN and ADSL. Now you are ready to receive the images or video on your monitor wherever there is a network.

Here is why Telexper 3i CCTV video surveillance solution is the best for you:
● Watch and Catch--it provides the excellent surveillance features
● Remotely access the video of any branch office from a single location.
● 24/7 monitoring service which reduces the incidents of false alarm.
● Using existing network infrastructure and equipment for low start-up and operating cost.
● Flexible and scalable solution based on open standards--it meets your specific needs.

System Diagram