Solution / Hospital

Zue-Hwa General Hospital, one of the famous hospitals in central Taichung City, consists of three main hospital buildings located on a single site. Their former CCTV system has nearly reached its full capacity for monitoring and recording of the existing 128 cameras in the medical building.

The existing closed circuit television (CCTV) system of the hospital is expanded and upgraded to a network surveillance system for more flexible management, higher expansibility, and stability.

Telexper’s total IP solutions were recommended in two steps for merging the analogue-based monitoring system with the new IP-based surveillance. 200 new cameras were installed with the use of the Telexper’s series which increased the total number of analog and network cameras to 256 in the hospital.

The IP Video system will be installed on dedicated networks in each of the main buildings. Each building will be interconnected under LAN environment. This will allow the hospital security team to monitor all 256 cameras, from all three sites, using a single central control room. Telexper’s class-leading compression technology ensures full frame rate high-quality digital video. Every camera (NVS) gives multi- streaming across the network individually to NVR, video wall, NCS…etc, which essentially helps NVR to continue recording and displaying real time images on TV even when the Commander Station is down.

If a NVR fails, video can be automatically re-directed to another NVR and as they are distributed, the system is inherently fault-tolerant. Telexper’s system is thus very flexible and scalable, allowing additional cameras, NVRs or ‘Control Center’ workstations to be added cost-effectively to any point on the network. A one-stop-shop provider was the reason why Telexper’s solution was chosen by the Hospital.

System Diagram