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Increasing your productivity & security

Telexper's complete IP CCTV solution provides a safe, productive and smart platform for high-tech manufactories. Using high definition IP video surveillance systems, front-end IVA (intelligent video analytics), Emergency Intercom and IP PA system, Telexper is here to look after your labor, factories and facilities, which are always your valuable properties and investment.

The benefit

● Centralized Management From the Headquarter to Each Factory
● Instantly detect and respond to incidents
● Managerial user authorities
● Modular System Structure
● Multiple Systems Integration

Telexper system is scalable, offering additional cameras or workstations to be easily installed and cost-effectively expansion in the future. Telexper CMS is not only provide instant on-site situation for the security staff but also improving central monitoring to central management with managerial authorities from Headquarter to multiple factories. The modular structure design guarantee the stability that once any subsystem crushes, it won’t affect other system operation. Telexper is always here to provide successful experience in Taiwan and solution for industries around the world.

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IP Camera

The Solution

Integrate your analog cameras to NVR
and retain your investment in analog system

Telexper IP CCTV solutions cater both existing factory and newly built manufactory. Concerning the factories with full-production line, Telexper solutions allows to upgrade the existing analog system into IP-based while keeping the investment cost to the minimal.

32/64ch Video Server
● Digitalize current system while retaining the working analog cameras and coaxial cables
● Hot Swap Blade Design
● Up to four (4) Simultaneous Video Streams
● Redundant Power Modules Design

Intelligent Video Monitoring

Besides high definition video surveillance, Telexper IP camera is pro-active and pushes alarm to center on a timely manner. Intelligent Video Analytics embedded in IP camera such as motion detection, virtual fense, missing/left object could be installed in forbidden areas, production line and inventory warehouse.
Emergency Intercoms with hidden IP camera can be placed anywhere in the network emerency communication and patrol check points.

Mega Pixel Industry-level Camera
● Plug & Play, Configuration free
● Controllable IR and Remote Smart Focus
● Build-in IVA( Intelligent Video Analysis) Function
Emergency Intercoms with hidden IP camera can be placed anywhere in the network emerency communication and patrol check points.
● 2-way audio & video communication
● Real-time video and audio record
● I/O control

PC-free TV Wall Stations

Eliminating the multiple TV wall PC-based servers or graphic cards, Telexper Linux based 16ch Matrix decoder can display live videos at any point in LAN. With Telexper Multiple Streaming Protocol, decoder operations is not affected by the failure of CMS.

TV Wall Decoder
● Multi-areas monitoring
● Can be scattered around the site as long as it is connected to the CCTV network.
● PTZ Control

IP-based PA System with E-Map Display

Telexper PA system offers audio broadcast to multiple zones or facilities. Control center may easily braodcast a selective speaker or groups of speakers from the E-Map.

● Full control of the site with multi-layer E-Maps
● Single/multiple factory buildings broadcast

Powerful CMS for multi-national, multi-regional management

Telexper offers central monitoring software (CMS, MultiViewer) for headquarter to monitor different entities. Centralized management provides real-time, high definition video feed of manufacturing lines and processes. Automatic alerts when alarm is triggers.