Solution / City Surveillance

Install any number of cameras throughout the city using any combination of new or existing copper or fiber networks, on low cost wireless links, and/or using secured connections on the Internet.

Connect any number of Video Control Stations at Security Centers. Operate them independently and/or cooperatively between municipal departments.

Large and comprehensive security systems can be deployed across large geographies using Telexper IP cameras. Start deployment with several cameras and a Commander Station with Network Video Recorder and the entire feature set is operable.

Add any number of additional cameras as budgets allow. View stations consist of a simple PC or a large “TV Wall” (By Matrix Decoder).

Additionally, police and other official cars equipped with a low cost wireless PC can view and control any of the cameras and the view other information that flows through the system.

Telexper can combine all of the advanced security functions including motion detection, automatic video storage and retrieval, and the like. It’s unique architecture enables cross department utility, very fast and low cost installation, and a superb ability to integrate new capabilities such as facial recognition and object tracking.