ATM-nSlim 4

● Linux embedded OS.
● Triplex working of record, replay and back up.
● Card number imprinted on the recorded video images.
● Fast and easy in searching transactions on both NVR and CMS.
● Central management supports remote viewing of thousands of NVRs on a real-time basis.
● Unattended management: hardware watchdog guarantees the stable operation.
● Hybrid Model: Support 4 IP cameras, 4 Analog cameras. Total of 4 cameras.
● Analog Model: Support 4 960H Analog cameras.
● D1 at 20/30 fps, 1080P at 20/30 fps
What Telexper NVR can do for your ATM application?

● Stay one step ahead of violence and fraud
● Shortening investigation times with HD quality video of all incidents
● Make sure eligible ATM cardholder perform normally and safe transactions on ATM.
● Centrally manage over 1,000 NVRs and with ATM integration
● Instantly reports on any abnormal activities
● ATM NVR operations not affected by HDD failure
● NVR will auto rebuild database after HDD is defective.

Features & Functions

● Supports 4 analog cameras
● Supports 4 IP camera (1920 x 1080P)
● Maximum 4 licenses

Live & Recording
● Powerful Live Monitoring
- 30fps @D1 resolution per every IP camera
- 1/4/8 cameras display on screen
● User-friendly system configuration of REC such as
- Recording Schedule
● Frame rate (fps) & quality adjustment
- Multi-channel of video REC
- Alarm trigger, pre & post alarm
- Auto recycle recording files when storage is full
● Snap shot of Live images
● Intelligent motion video analytic software

● Intelligent search playback (built-in indexed database)
- Date/Time search
- Motion search (up to four adjustable detection zones)
- Transaction (journal entry) search

● Mirror Backup Video Recording for double protection (optional)
● Automatic switch from bad track of HDD without interrupting recording

Product Advantage
Prevent Financial Fraud Activities:

Despite the great advances in skimming technology in recent years, ATM cameras would provide round-the-clock surveillance to capture any financial fraud activities instantly.

Remote surveillance:

IP-base structure can improve customer safety and service, which supports remote on-site viewing.

Video Storage & Export:

All video streams would preserve in central storage system up to 180 days, providing more safe and steady management and operation. And expot recorded data of ATM transaction as AVI.

Integrated with ATM system:

When NVR is detected for any abnormality, ATM will stop operating temporarily to prevent unrecorded ATM transactions.

Customized Video Compression for Low Bandwidth Environment:

The video compression process would not affect recording and export video quality. Bandwidth from NVR can be as low as 128K.

Rear View