● WinXP embedded OS in DOM design for "Always Recording".
● Triplex working of record, replay and back up.
● Card number imprinted on the recorded video images.
● Fast and easy in searching transactions on both DVR and CMS.
● Central management supports remote viewing of thousands DVRs on a real-time basis.
● Unattended management: hardware watchdog guarantees the stable operation.
● NTSC- 60 fps(2ch) / 120 fps(4ch)
● PAL- 50 fps(2ch) / 100 fps(4ch)
What Telexper DVR can do for your ATM application?

● Fight against financial fraud activities
● Make sure eligible ATM cardholder perform normally and safe transactions on ATM.
● Help bank has real-time and accurate information of ATM operation.
● Guard against vandalization to ATM.
● Reduce the disputes between ATM cardholder and bank.
● Record the image of cardholders while process transaction on ATM to fight against faking identity.
● Provide the recording data for investigation in case of crime.
● Chosen by Worldwide ATM manufacturers (e.g. NCR, WinCor-Nixdorf, Hitachi & etc..) as the DVR supplier.

Quick and Easy transaction search (on DVR)
1.Simply click on“ATM History”to enter the transaction database.
2.Input complete or partial card number to start the search.
3.Click on the matched transaction for playback.
4.Pre-Transaction recording.

5.In-Transaction recording (with card number on video image).
6.Post-Transaction recording.

7.User configurable transaction settings.

Remote transaction search (via LAN/WAN)
1.Connect to the DVR via LAN/WAN.
2.Click on the transaction for remote playback.
3.Download the selected transaction in its original recorded format to PC.
4.Downloaded transactions can be played back at any time.
5.Pre-Transaction recording.

6.In-Transaction recording (with card number on video image).
7.Post-Transaction recording.

Rear View