IP Video Storage System / 15 HDDs
nVR-15W / nVR-15RW

● Embedded OS
● SATA I, SATA II Hard Drive (with Removable Caddy)
● Duplex Operation (REC & Playback Simultaneously)
● Auto Hard Drive Partition Allocation (APA)
● Auto skipping of bad-track HDD for continuous recording
● Hard Drive Failure Notification via E-mail
● Compatible with VGA, D1, 1.3MP, 2MP, 1080P and 5MP Network Cameras
● TMSP*1 Protocol Protection Gives Security Data Leak FREE
● Support Raid0/1/5/6, Hot SWAP (nVR-15RW)
● 19” 4U Rack Mountable Housing
● Must be used in conjunction with Network Commander Station

High Camera Capacity:

High Image Quality:

High Storage Capacity: