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Domestic Appliance Factory, Eastern Europe
Domestic Appliance Factory, Eastern Europe

Telexper integrates a surveillance system with her megapixel cameras at Domestic Appliance Factory in Eastern Europe

Taipei, Taiwan, July 12, 2012. Over the past years, Telexper has been continuously providing up-to-date, digital and industrial surveillance solution to a wide variety of projects around the globe. Through her widely applied surveillance NVR design with in-house Central Management Software and impeccable pre- and post-installation support and educational training to her overseas system integrators, installers and distributors alike, Telexper has won numerous projects, one of them was the surveillance project of Domestic Appliance Factory’s site in Eastern Europe.
Driven by the across-the-board security needs in his modern factory,the customer was looking to install its first-ever digital surveillance system. Thoroughly prepared to seize this opportunity, Telexper hosted a presentation to the Security and IT managers of the factory who were impressed with Telexper’s NVR with all-around CMS performance, along with excellent video quality of Telexper megapixel cameras. Telexper provides the ultimate total solution. Security and IT managers of the factory decide to apply Telexper’s solution.
Telexper’s NVR of 128 channels (nCS-128) has been chosen to secure main and the subsidiary factories respectively. nCS-128 connects to Telexper’s IP megapixel cameras and ubiquitous TV-VGA/HDMI Decoders to secure highly confidential factory procedures, warehouse valuable raw materials, loading and unloading of goods, critical entrance and exit to the offices and shipping areas. Most of all, Telexper system leaves the option of quickly scaling up IP cameras anytime and anywhere in the future.

The entire factory site is large and daily operations are quite complex, by using Telexper’s solution the factory’s Security & IT managers are able to centrally monitor entire site 24 hour unrelently.
Telexper’s CMS monitors the entire site with motion detections, alarms, instant e-mail notifications with images, multiple E-map layouts, auto schedule recording & auto recycling to precisely identify any incidence.

Telexper has already begun to investigate the security needs of the same customer’s affiliated factories situated in other parts of the globe.
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