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Prestigious Restaurant Enhances Safety and Control with Telexper
Located in the busiest east-side district of Taipei, the 3-year-old new-American style restaurant owner uses Telexper megapixel surveillance system for the ease of monitoring of the daily operations from anywhere.

Not only the food, services, modern decoration and soft lighting that add value to the dining experience, but also security is essential to the owner. The owner was looking for a network surveillance system with high definition quality, POS integration and easy remote access.
Prestigious Restaurant Enhances Safety and Control with Telexper
For the need of clear video in variable lighting conditions, Telexper installed day/night 2 megapixel IP cameras that deliver high-definition color resolution during the day and clear black-and-white light sensitive video quality at night. The vandal proof dome camera emerged perfectly to the restaurant settings, overseeing the crowds in the dining and bar areas.
In addition to the immediate access of live videos and recordings, the video management software embedded inside the Commander Station NVR also integrated the cashier POS data. All the transactions are recorded in the data base for later analysis and footage playback. The store owner may identify any suspicious transactions and pull out the recordings for evidence. With the iPad remote viewer, the owner can still have an eye on the quality of the services and restaurant safety even he is out of the country.
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