JUL. 11, 2016
As the bullying and violence cases are getting frequent, campus safety is now a significant factor in school choice. Schools are responsible of safeguarding the students and faculty, so Telexper is here to strengthen your campus’s safety.
Telexper Network-based Emergency Intercom System helps students and faculty to call for immediate assistance from the control center. The real-time, megapixel video & digital audio transmission allow the control center to take immediate action and prevent further damages & losses.
The system is designed specifically for surveillance and security at all levels of campuses. Contact us for more information!
 Solution Advantages:
2-way Audio Communication with On-site Viewing
Telexper intercom has a hidden camera to offer HD visual aid. The push-to-talk feature and clear live views can gives the capability for the security center to take necessary immediate actions/direction for the student and school staff on site.
Instant Alarm for Fast Assistance and Aids
Big red panic button provides push-to-talk feature for the people on-site to call for help, and the proactive alarm will help the school guard to grasp the on-site situation immediately. Most importantly, once the school guard is not at the control center, Telexper offers the customized APP to help the school guard to receive the alarm and live views remotely.
E-Map & Device Group to Manage All Intercoms
Telexper Emergency Intercom System is managed by self-developed software with GUI design and the connection all intercoms. The software-driven operation enables the user to set up and manage all intercoms with E-map and device groups. The system will show the intercom location automatically when the alarm is activate by the people on site.
Real-time Recording and Event Search/Playback for Evidence
All conversations will be stored in the Emergency Intercom system and can be exported as standard AVI files to display on any given computers for litigation purposes.
 IP Emergency Intercom Live Demo:
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