AUG. 04, 2015
In a control center, a TV wall display could be constructed by using network matrix decoders in an IP-based structure. Monitors for the video wall can display any given video streams, even provide pop-up alarm display for instant and accurate on-site situation. For easy management, all operations of the TV wall can be accomplished by few joystick keyboards.
 Telexper Matrix Decoder:
PC-less Design:
No PC or extra software is required.
PoE Connectivity:
Powered over Ethernet. It can be installed anywhere in the network with just one Ethernet cable.
Alarm Pop-up:
Auto switch to alarm channel on the monitor
Keyboard control:
Pan, tilt, zoom control and operations for multiple Matrix decoders could be accomplished with one network keyboard
Telexper’s TV wall station, Network Matrix Decoder allows not only real-time monitoring, but also simple configuration. With the PC-less design, there is no need for a server PC or installing extra software. As Telexper’s IP cameras support multiple video streams, the network matrix decoder obtains video streams directly from the camera without passing through the server. In this way, the stability strengthens as TV wall will never be interfered by the failure of the server.
 Why Telexper?
  1. 25ch Display: offers 1, 4, 9, 16, 25ch display mode
  2. Independent, PC-less Design: captures video image directly from the cameras. Even when the server crashes, Telexper Matrix Decoder still operates seamlessly.
  3. 32ch Sequence Display: For project with large quantity of cameras, auto-switching the video streams allows user to see each cameras.
  4. Place-saving size design: The compact size can simply be hidden behind the monitors.
Unlike other TV wall solutions in the market which support only 16ch display per monitor, Telexper network matrix decoder builds in 25ch display, which is perfect for big HDMI monitor Its compact size is great for different TV wall design, from one-monitor cashier to multiple-monitor control center.
Are you still looking for a cost-effective and scalable TV wall solution? We believe Telexper’s Matrix Decoder is the best option for you!
‧ Multi-areas monitoring
‧ Can be scattered around the site as long as it is connected to the CCTV network.
‧ Easy operation for security staff.
‧ Viewing multiple entrance/pick-up zones on one monitor.
‧ Can be installed in the guard room whereas the server is installed in the server room.
‧ A much economical option than a client PC station.
Convenience store
‧ Space-saving design for installation at the cashier.
‧ Monitor parking lot activity or storage room from the cashier’s monitor.
‧ The cashier could see any alarm instantly from the monitor.
 Solution Diagram:
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